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Ecosystem Restoration camps are a grassroots global effort to restore Ecological function to land in order to combat global heating. The climate emergency requires all come together to restore earth’s ecological systems.

All over the world, everyday people are coming together to pour life back into the Earth. Ecosystem Restoration Camps are a framework by which we are organising this effort.

Restoring Ecological systems is the main way by which we can sequester carbon into the soil and vegetation and manage the extreme effects of Global Heating.

By rehabilitating degraded ecosystems and helping farmers convert from industrial to regenerative agricultural practices, we can sequester large amounts of carbon and build resilience in our life supporting ecological systems.

Trees From Above

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther


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Express your interest in helping to build Australia's first Ecosystem Restoration Camp.

Elly: 0414 527 721

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